NASA-Supported Monitoring Network Assesses Ozone Layer Threats

May 24, 2019

New research locates the source region for about half of the new emissions of CFC-11, a banned, potent ozone-depleting chemical: eastern China.

"The ozone research community turned to the Advanced Global Atmospheric Gas Experiment (AGAGE), a network of 15 monitoring stations set up around the world to measure 40 atmospheric gases that contribute to greenhouse warming and ozone depletion. The network operations are led by the Center for Global Change Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. NASA funds five of these stations and provides basic infrastructure that supports the entire network, partnering with multinational environmental agencies and with station host countries of Ireland, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, and Korea. The network has produced a 40-year continuous data record of frequent measurements of some of the most difficult-to-detect trace gases in the atmosphere."

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