Cape Ochiishi

Cape Ochi-ishi Station is located at the eastern coast of Hokkaido, at the base of Nemuro peninsula.

The city of Nemuro (located ~20 km east, population 35,000) is the nearest city. Cape Ochi-ishi has a considerably cold climate with average yearly temperature of about 5°C. Most of the cape is marshland, designated as a nature preserve; the monitoring station is located at the southern tip of the cape, and is approximately 50 m above sea level.

Hourly measurements of halocarbons have been performed at Cape Ochiishi since 2006. A fully automated preconcentration/gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer system measures ~50 trace gases, including halocarbons.

Photos courtesy of NIES.

Cape Ochiishi Global Environmental Monitoring Station

Latitude: 43° 9′ 34″ N
Longitude: 145° 30′ 5″ E
Time Zone: GMT +9 (Japan Standard Time)
Roofdeck elevation: 55 m
Air intake elevation: 96 m above sea level
Station PI: Hitoshi Mukai (
Station Contact: Takuya Saito (
Postal address: 24-2, Ochi-ishi-nishi, Nemuro, Hokkaido
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Station Funding

The halocarbon observations are made as a part of the global environmental monitoring program by the Center for Global Environmental Research (CGER) at NIES.