The Taunus Observatory is located on the second highest peak (Kleiner Feldberg; 825 m.a.s.l.) in the Taunus mountain region in central Germany.

The station is situated in close proximity to the regionally polluted Rhine-Main region and 20 km to the north-west of the city of Frankfurt am Main. Due to its location in central Europe and proximity to anthropogenic greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substance source regions, the site is well suited for European pollution studies.

Taunus Observatory

Latitude: 50.22188° N
Longitude: 8.44639° E
Time Zone: GMT +1 (Central European Time)
Air intake elevations: 837 m above sea level
Station PI: Prof. Andreas Engel
Station Contact: Prof. Andreas Engel/Thomas Wagenhäuser
Station E-mail: -
Postal address: Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Science, Altenhöferallee 1, 60438 Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Related links: https://www.goethe-university-frankfurt.de/45679989/Taunus_Observatory