Global Three-Dimensional Model Calculations of the Budgets and Present-Day Atmospheric Lifetimes of CF2ClCFCl2 (CFC-113) and CHClF2 (CFC-22)

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Geophysical Research Letters, Volume 16, Issue 10, p.1153 - 1156 (1989)





Atmospheric Composition and Structure, Atmospheric Composition and Structure: Middle atmosphere—composition and chemistry, Atmospheric Composition and Structure: Troposphere—composition and chemistry


The annual percentage increases in concentrations of the chlorofluorocarbons CF2ClCFCl2 (CFC-113, an industrial solvent) and CHClF2 (CFC-22, a refrigerant) are the highest among major chlorofluorocarbons in the atmosphere today. We have computed the present-day atmospheric lifetimes for these species using a global three-dimensional dynamical-chemical model. The present-day lifetimes of both are long (15.5 years for CHClF2, and 136 or 195 years for CF2ClCFCl2 depending on assumed O2 absorption cross-sections) underscoring the need to decrease their emissions in order to minimize their future role in ozone destruction and greenhouse warming.