Validation of the UK Met. Office’s name model against the ETEX dataset

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Atmospheric Environment, Volume 32, Issue 24, p.4265 - 4276 (1998)





Lagrangian particle models, Long-range dispersion, PMCH, tracer experiments


The ETEX 1 data set has been used to assess the performance of the UK Met Office’s long-range dispersion model NAME. In terms of emergency response modelling the model performed well, successfully predicting the overall spread and timing of the plume across Europe. However, in common with most other models, NAME overpredicted the observed concentrations. This is in contrast with other NAME validation studies which indicate either no significant bias or a tendency to underpredict concentrations. This suggests the reasons for overpredicting are specific to the ETEX situation. Explanations include inadequate vertical diffusion or transport, possible venting by convective activity, and experimental errors. An assessment of a range of advection schemes of varying complexity indicated no clear advantage, at present, in using more sophisticated random walk techniques at long range, a simple diffusion coefficient based scheme providing some of the best results. A brief look is also taken at a simulation of the more problematical ETEX 2 release.