Measurements of new compounds attracts public attention

January 21, 2016
Tages Anzeiger | Chimia 'Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland'

Measurements of new halogenated alkenes at the high-altitude station Jungfraujoch (Switzerland) made by Empa within the AGAGE framework are attracting attention both in the public and in analytical sciences.

A recent article in one of the major newspapers in Switzerland (Tages Anzeiger) has reported on the measurements of HFC-1234yf, a new refrigerant in mobile air conditioning. The new refrigerant is now undergoing an exponentially growing commercial demand. Intended as a replacement for HFC-134a, the new compound has a much lower atmospheric lifetime and GWP, but its usage is debated because of potentially harmful decay products.

Attention of HFC-1234yf measurements has also been received by the analytical sciences as reported in a recent publication of the Highlights of Analytical Sciences in Switzerland in Chimia.

Article: Gefährliches Kältemittel in der Luft (Dangerous refrigerants in the air)